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The Exercise Difference in Weight Loss

Losing weight and maintaining that loss can be very difficult but it can be made considerably easier with regular exercise. As the benefits of daily exercise are intensely great, introducing some smart moves in the daily schedule soon repays.

Whenever engaging in a weight loss procedure, you need to create a daily caloric deficit. This can be achieved or by eating fewer calories, or by increasing your caloric expenditure via more activity / exercise. But as you simply cannot decrease your daily caloric intake much lower than 1200 to 1500 - as this phenomenon puts your health at risk at this point the benefits of a smartly targeted exercise kick in. If you're currently walking for 30 minutes 2 days per week, over a period of several weeks you can increase your walking to 60 minutes per day, six to seven days per week and begin weight training for 30 minutes three days per week. Having an exercise plan you'll burn not only the calories that you're expending during exercise. You would also substantially increase the number of calories you're burning 24 hours-a-day, as you'll even burn more calories while you're sleeping because you've fired-up your basal metabolic rate.

Another important reason to exercise while you're restricting calories and trying to lose weight is that you tend to lose muscle tissue from any muscle that you're not using while you're restricting calories. By losing muscle tissue your metabolism decreases causing you to burn fewer calories 24 hours-a-day. This results also in the maintenance of your weight, so losing the extra pounds will be very difficult. The muscles get flabby and mushy and you become weaker and become fatigued more easily. And what is more dangerous, you may lose muscle even from your heart  jeopardizing your condition seriously.

Before engaging in a weight loss  procedure regardless the method you choose to fight the unwanted fat amount, get informed or ask for professional help. With the proper support and determination the whole process will be lot easier, and your diet goals faster achieved.

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